Since taking office in 1999, the current Chairman and CEO Niccolò Branca has laid the foundations for the development of the principles of the Economy of Awareness and their application within and across the company: a new entrepreneurial approach that places people at the centre of the Group’s thinking and action and in harmony with the environment and the community.

Branca International has grown over the years by maintaining their basic core values that are still current and valid today. These values reflect the spirit with which the company commits to develope its business while respecting and focusing on people, which is demonstrated every day through initiatives linked to various areas of activity: managing human resources, respect for the environment as well welfare initiatives that the company provides for their employees and their families.

Ethics &

The key value at Branca International is Awareness, that makes it possible to balance and integrate ethics and profits and to facilitate a harmonious connection between the company, the employees and the local environment.

Since 1999 the strategic and operational choices adopted have allowed the Group to grow in a sustainable way by leading the Distilleries to occupy new significant positions on the market by still maintaining the core values shared by all the management. Acting consciously, Branca produces excellent products and pursues their business that is mindful of the local area, the community and consumers.


In continuity with the values that have inspired the business of the Branca family for five generations, the following were added over the years: the Code of Ethics, a Social Responsibility Charter, a Supervisory Board, a Quality and Food Safety management system and an Occupational health and safety management system.

Kosher certification for Fernet-Branca and Brancamenta products

Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018

An Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 and EC Regulation no. 1221/2009 EMAS

Quality and Food Safety Management System ISO 22000

The Sustainability and Awareness Report

At the end of 2016 Branca International drew up their first Social Responsibility Charter, which acts as an additional tool for stakeholders to share the commitment of Branca in managing issues relating to Corporate Social Responsibility. The document contains the principles that guide the relationship the Group has with their stakeholders, who are considered real partners in the creation of value. In 2020 the new Sustainability and Awareness Report was published.

Code of

With the evolution and expansion of the company in 2006, Branca International felt the need – one of the first companies in Italy – to add a Code of Ethics that alongside the Food Safety and Occupational Safety Code, brings together the fundamental core values that have always been ingrained in the company culture and are a constant reference in the actions of the Group. Among these are: the protection of the quality of products, respect for people considered as an end and not a means to an end and the indispensable commitment not to discriminate against anyone on cultural, political, ethic or sexual grounds.

Code of

Collaborative Meritocracy

Branca International recognises the central role of people employed at all levels as indispensable resources to achieve company objectives, and they are committed to enhancing and developing their human capital as an end and not a means to an end.

They operate by respecting the generations, promoting a sense of belonging, a culture of responsibility and not power and a collaborative meritocracy that goes beyond simple recognition of individual merit given that it is based on an organisational logic based on cooperation. All these principles are gathered and formalised in the Code of Conduct which is signed by all employees. Proactivity, assertiveness and the ability to execute are the pillars of doing business. 

EMAS (Eco-Management e Audit Scheme) è lo strumento volontario di gestione ambientale, compreso nell’ambito del V Programma d’azione europeo a favore dell’ambiente, che aiuta le organizzazioni di tutti i tipi e dimensione a migliorare le performance ambientali e a comunicare in modo trasparente i risultati alla Società e agli Stakeholder. Obiettivo primario dell’EMAS è contribuire alla realizzazione di uno sviluppo economico sostenibile all’interno dell’Unione Europea, evidenziando il ruolo e le responsabilità delle imprese. Per misurare e mostrare le prestazioni ambientali di un’organizzazione in modo quantitativo, l’uso di indicatori è di primaria importanza. EMAS richiede alle organizzazioni registrate di monitorare l’andamento delle prestazioni ambientali di anno in anno e operare gli opportuni confronti anche con altre organizzazioni all’interno e all’esterno del proprio campo di attività. Misurando i consumi in rapporto alla produzione, gli indicatori rivelano l’efficienza e l’efficacia dei processi e possono identificare significativi risparmi e contribuire così alla riduzione dei costi e dell’impatto ambientale. L’attenzione verso gli aspetti ambientali è da sempre un pilastro per Fratelli Branca Distillerie, la quale nel corso degli anni ha costantemente applicato il principio del “miglioramento continuo” nei propri processi sia aziendali che produttivi. Questo ha permesso di ridurre l’impatto ambientale, i costi legati all’approvvigionamento delle risorse e i consumi inerenti ai processi produttivi.

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